IT'S OFFICIAL (5/15/22):

We Are Canvas!


Western Rockies FCU is officially Canvas Credit Union. So...what does that mean? While your new cards won't begin working until Monday, May 16, there are steps you can start taking now!


For existing members, you can now access your accounts through Canvas' Online & Mobile Banking services. Click here to get started on registering your account and start checking your balances in minutes.  

For new members, we invite you to explore the Canvas website and learn all about the awesome products and services we offer our members in our mission to help you Afford Life. 

Questions? No worries, we're here to help. Reach out to your local branch or visit for more information.

Fruita - 970-858-7422  | Grand Junction - 970-243-2434 | Rifle - 970-625-0212 


An Exciting Update (4/4/22):

Letter from our CEO

To our Canvas family, 

Earlier this year, you welcomed Canvas into your Western Slope communities. We’ve been blown away by the support we’ve received from community leaders, Western Rockies FCU employees, and, more importantly, you! Thank you for your warm welcome, for being exceptionally open to our curious questions, and for sharing the things you love about living on the Western Slope. You’ve made us feel at home, and we are grateful.

We’re excited to return the favor! It is my honor to welcome all of you to our Canvas Family. We are committed to an even brighter future. As a financial cooperative, you are why we exist, and your commitment and loyalty make this collaboration possible.

These past few months, our family has been hard at work planning and preparing the integration of your membership account information. I am pleased to tell you that on May 16th, our systems will be fully integrated, and we eagerly await serving you with our portfolio of financial solutions.

As we celebrate, we know you have questions, and you will find answers to your most important questions on this landing page.

We understand and empathize with the time investment required in getting used to a new way of banking. We assure you that our family is dedicated to walking shoulder-to-shoulder during this transition period and beyond as Canvas continues to grow its footprint and financial solutions to meet your evolving needs.

The best is truly yet to come,

Todd Marksberry
President & CEO, Canvas Credit Union

frequentLy asked questions

When was the partnership approved?

  • Western Rockies FCU members voted for and approved this partnership in December 2021.

What is changing for wrfcu members?

On May 16th, 2022, we are integrating our operating systems, which is when WRFCU member accounts will switch to Canvas Credit Union.

  • Let’s start with what is not changing. You will:

    • Continue to transact business as you always have through May 15th.
    • Continue working with the amazing folks you know and love.
    • Experience no interruptions in your banking. Your direct deposits and automatic ACH withdrawals will transition to your Canvas account. You will have through December 31st, 2022, to transition them completely, and Canvas will support you with these changes over the summer. Let’s get you situated with your new account first.
    • Enjoy using your current credit card. However, upon expiration, you will not receive a replacement card. We invite you to consider applying for a new Canvas+ rewards credit card, offering a slew of benefits you don’t want to miss.

  • Here is what will change on May 16th

    • As we #BecomeCanvas and integrate our operating systems, WRFCU members will be issued a new account number and debit card, and the routing number will change.
    • Around the week of April 25thyou will receive a letter with your new member number. Rest assured that your direct deposits and automatic withdrawals will continue working under the current setup for a period of time (12/31/22) with no interruption.
    • Around the week of May 2nd, you will receive your new Canvas debit Mastercard® and a PIN on separate envelopes. However, you will need to wait until May 16th to activate it. At that time, call the number on the card, conduct an ATM transaction, or make a PIN-based transaction.
    • Canvas’ routing number is 302075830.

  • Online & mobile banking (along with mobile deposits) will be upgraded.

    • Although you cannot take a sneak peek yet, on May 16th, you will have full access to a new online and mobile banking experience.
    • You will receive your new member number via mail a few weeks before the full integration. Save that letter. The member number enclosed is the key to activating your Canvas digital banking.

Will all current locations remain open?

  • Yes. All current branch locations will remain open, resulting in 33 locations eagerly waiting to serve you. The partnership will give you the resources to continue growing Canvas’ footprint and build future branches across Western Colorado. All the friendly faces you’ve grown to love will be there to greet you, and you’ll get to meet the rest of our Canvas family.

What can I do to prepare?

  • The most important thing right now is to confirm that we have your current contact information, including your email address, so we can reach you and deliver all integration-related information to you. Also, please be sure to review the materials you receive, and if you ever have questions, please reach out to Canvas! Our family members are here to help you through this transition and beyond.

Why now? Why Canvas?

  • There is a reason why we haven't seriously pursued this strategy before. We require that any potential partner is in complete alignment with our values, has a big heart for the community, and is passionately committed to the well-being of all Coloradans.
  • We found that credit union that meets that high standard in Canvas. Their entire leadership team shares our values. If you haven’t yet heard of Canvas, they are the third-largest credit union in the state of Colorado and have been committed to serving Coloradans for over 80 years. You might have heard of them before they re-branded from Public Service Credit Union over three years ago.
  • Todd and his leadership team believe in putting members, family (which is how they describe their team), and others in the community above all other things. So, to put it in simple terms: We simply couldn't have found a better match than Canvas.

How will this impact my accounts?

  • Your account will transition from Western Rockies FCU to Canvas. This process will not occur immediately, and we’ll keep you posted along the way. We realize change is hard, and we’ll walk with you to make it easy. We know you’ll really like the additional offerings, features, and access points that Canvas provides.
  • You will continue to access your accounts and online banking for several months and transition to Canvas' technology down the road. No change right away!
  • Your account number will likely change once the conversion is completed.

Will my money be safe?

  • Absolutely. The federal and state regulators play a critical role in ensuring safety and soundness. When they reviewed our application, they assessed the financial health of both organizations and the continuing financial health of the combined organization post-merger. They stay close to protect members' best interests.
  • Both organizations are federally insured by the NCUA for deposits up to $250,000.
  • From a cybersecurity standpoint, Canvas Credit Union stands at the forefront of the industry. Their experienced team of information technology professionals will put your safety and security first.

What's in it for members?

  • On the product front, the services and technology offered by Canvas are up to par with the best financial institutions in the country. Don't get me wrong, they are different, and change is difficult, but there is more to gain from a functionality perspective.
  • We are most excited about the ability to do more in the community. Since the Great Recession, it has been challenging to provide all the support our community desperately needs. The partnership with Canvas opens the door to doing more, much more than we could have accomplished alone.
  • There is entirely new access to 30 additional branches in the front range from Fort Collins to Castle Rock.
  • A passion for education has been at the core of who we are from the very beginning. As the official credit union of CSU, Canvas expands our reach to form a strong partnership with Colorado State University.

What's in it for employees?

  • Canvas has committed to inviting all Western Rockies Federal Credit Union team members to a role within our merged organization.
  • We always want to do more for you, our members. They are excited to bring you more value through community investment, enhanced access, and cutting-edge products. This partnership opens a new chapter and possibilities for all of us.
  • The employee benefits that come along with a large family will enhance the rewards of being a part of the credit union.
  • Employees will maintain their seniority, participate in larger retirement plan employer matches, two-percentage-point discounts on their personal loans, and access to career growth opportunities.

If you have additional questions, please use this form.

Interested in learning more about your new Member Service Agreement? Check out our Disclosures page for all the fine print questions you may have about these changes.

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