June 2019 Newsletter


Monthly Newsletter - June 2019

Refinance with WRFCU and enjoy 90 days no payments

Refinance your loan with Western Rockies FCU during the months of June, and July 2019 and enjoy no loan payments for 3 months!    

Do I have to be a member?

Membership is required to take advantage of this promotion. However, just because you aren't currently a Western Rockies member doesn't mean you can't be! We can handle your membership registration and your refinance needs at the same time. Just contact us or come speak with us at one of our branches.  

What if my loan isn’t currently with Western Rockies FCU?

Perfect! In order to take advantage of this promotion your loan must be with another lender. Loans that are already with Western Rockies FCU do not qualify for this promotion. If you have a loan with another lender, Western Rockies can refinance your loan and you can enjoy no payments for the next 3 months! 

How do I apply?

Please click the button below and complete the linked web form and one of our loan officers will reach out to you to discuss your options with you. In addition, you can call us at 970.243.2434 or contact us directly from the website.

If you would like more information about this promotion, or about refinancing with Western Rockies FCU in general please complete the form below and one of your loan officers will get ahold of you shortly to answer any questions you might have.
Western Rockies FCU is NCUA insured and an Equal Housing Lender. This promotion does not include real estate loans, credit cards or any other open ended lines of credit.
Payment can be deferred for 90 days, however, interest will accrue from date of contract.Loan rates are based on credit history, loan terms.

Apply for a Visa® Real Rewards Card and earn more rewards

$100 Bonus Special Offer

Receive 10,000 bonus points! That’s 2,500 “standard” and 7,500 “special” bonus points for the first time you use your card*. Redeem these points for a $100 statement credit or other fabulous rewards**!
To qualify for this promotion you must apply from May 1 through September 30,2019 and use your card for purchases by November 30, 2019.


If you would like to see if you're eligible to take advantage of this promotion please complete the web form below, and one of our loan officers will reach out to you shortly. You can also visit us in your nearest Western Rockies Branch, call us at 970.243.2434 or contact us from the website.

Subject to credit approval. The Elan Rewards Program is subject to change. Rewards are earned on eligible net purchases. Net purchases are purchases minus credits and returns. Not all transactions are eligible to earn rewards, such as Advances, Balance Transfers and Convenience Checks. Account must be open and in good standing to earn and redeem rewards and benefits. Upon approval, see your Card member Agreement for details. You may not redeem Points, and you will immediately lose all of your Points, if your Account is closed to future transactions (including, but not limited to, due to Program misuse, failure to pay, bankruptcy, or death). Points expire five years from the end of the quarter in which they are earned.

*Card member will receive a bonus of 7,500 points upon first purchase, which is in addition to the standard 2,500 points awarded after a first purchase, for a total of 10,000 initial points. In order to qualify, the first purchase must be made by November 30, 2019. This offer is valid only for new Visa® Real Rewards consumer accounts with this Financial Institution and the application must be submitted between May 1 - September 30, 2019, through a branch office or call center. Please allow 6 - 8 weeks after the spend requirement has been met for the bonus points to be credited to the account .The 2,500 “standard” bonus points and the 7,500 “special ”bonus points may be awarded in separate billing cycles. This offer excludes business products and is also not valid on College Real Rewards or the employee product.

**Reward points can be redeemed for a cash deposit to a checking or savings account held at this Financial Institution within seven business days or as a statement credit to their account within one to two billing cycles.

The creditor and issuer of this card is Elan Financial Services, pursuant to a license from VisaU.S.A. Inc.


Save Time and Money with Remote Deposit


How Remote Deposit can benefit you

Remote Deposit is all about your convenience. While we love seeing you we know that life is busy. With remote deposit you are able to deposit your check(s) from your phone, 24 hours per day. Depositing your checks is now as easy as taking a picture with Remote Deposit.

How to use Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit is a feature available within the WRFCU mobile app. When you’re in the WRFCU mobile app, click on the menu and select “Remote Deposit”. Snap a picture of the check within the app, confirm your deposit, and you're all set.

A few important things to remember

  • There is a daily limit of $2500 per day (or 4 checks per day)
  • There is a limit of $5,000 per month (or 8 checks per month)
  • Deposits over $200 can be held for up to three (3) business days

Save Money This Summer with a “Nearcation”


Summer vacation is usually the biggest summer expense, and can often make summer budgeting difficult. When you take into account the cost of travel, lodging, food, and activities at your destination, it can easily cost thousands of dollars.

A popular money saving alternative to vacationing that many people have tried is called a Staycation. A Staycation means you take days off from work and you spend your vacation days relaxing at home. This can be a rejuvinating experience for many people; however, for others it can become dull after just a day or two.

A Nearcation is a healthy compromise between a vacation and a Staycation. This simply means that you enjoy your vacation time somewhere that is not far from home, but a little too far for regular (daily) visitation. The general rule of thumb for a Nearcation is anywhere one to three hours away from home, so that if you needed to spend a night at home it's still an option.

This is a great way to enjoy your summer vacation days, while keeping your expenses low. If you plan ahead with friends or family members you could all enjoy your Nearcation together.


7 Money Saving Tips This Summer


1. Create your spending budget for the season

The summer is a great time to get out and enjoy life with fun activities, friends, food, cocktails, and luxury. Summer is all about having fun, which means it's easy to get carried away. Come up with a spending plan and budget for this summer to help you save money. Write down activities you would like to do, and look for cheaper ways to experience them. You can also look for areas you can cut spending during the summer months, so you will have more funds available for the activities you would like to do.

2. Find free activities to enjoy

Did you know that there are free activities happening all around you throughout the summer? With so many fun activities available throughout the summer months it's easy to waste money on unplanned expenses and a little bit of planning could go a long way to help you save a little money. Keep an eye out for events posted on the Mesa County Library website (or your nearest library), and events posted on local community websites like visitgrandjunction.com.

3. Cut down on “Camp” costs

Many adults work during the summer days, and Summer Camp is a widely utilized child care option. However, carefully considering the costs of Summer Camp can help you save money. There are many cost-effective public-run camps with affordable and income based fees offered by local parks and recreations organizations. Careful planning could save your family hundreds of dollars this summer. Visit gjcity.org for more information.

4. Get your hands on discount passes

If you have a list of summer activities you would like to experience this summer, start researching for discounted passes. Museums, Zoos, Aquariums, and Amusement parks often offer reduced prices (and sometimes free admission) on certain days of the week or month. Your employer may also get special discounts on certain activities. If you're going to the movies, save some money by attending a matinee or midweek screening. These methods can save you up to 50% on your summer activities.

5. Be careful about committing to weddings

A recent Credit Karma survey found that the average 18-34 year old spends $770 to attend a wedding. June through September is the peak season for weddings, and it is absolutely critical to plan ahead for every single wedding you plan to attend. It's important to consider all of the potential costs of attending, including hotels, travel costs, and even food. Look for discounted rates and ways to save money on every expense. When it comes to buying their wedding gift, go through online portals to see if you can find savings or coupons for any items listed in their gift registry.

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