Youth Accounts

Every Western Rockies membership begins with a great savings account and it only gets better from there! Western Rockies offers multiple accounts all designed to make reaching your goals easier.

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* Minimum balance requirement is $60.00, and subsequent deposits are not allowed. Not available on promotion rate CDs.

** Subject to Regulation D limitations.

Help your child develop savings habits with mountain climbers club! 

The Mountain Climbers Club* is an educational, fun club designed to teach kids about the value of saving money. With a savings punch card your child can easily track their efforts to reach a savings goal, plus it rewards them at milestones along the way. The Mountain Climbing program is free and full of fun rewards. When one punch card is completed, your child will receive another. Join the Mountain Climbers Club today! 

Ages 5-12 — Savings Goal: $100

Earn rewards at:

  • 25% - $25
  • 50% - $50
  • 75% - $75
  • 100% - $100

Ages 13-17 — Savings Goal: $200

Earn rewards at:

  • 25% - $50
  • 50% - $100
  • 75% - $150
  • 100% - $200

Remember, it is not the amount of the deposit that counts. 
It is about establishing sound, financial DECISIONS to help later on in life!

*Punch card rewards begin after account opening and initial deposit. Only one milestone reward will be given per deposit.  In order for a child to qualify for Mountain Climbers Club child must be able to print their name. Rewards subject to availability. Rewards may change without notice. 

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