Person to Person

Send money electronically to anyone, anytime at any financial institution or bank using our Person-to-Person (P2P) payment service. Skip the hassle of writing checks, withdrawing cash at a branch or ATM, or wire transfers. All you need is a free Western Rockies checking account and Mobile Banking access and you can start sending money to anyone using just their email address!

Here are just a few reasons to use P2P by Western Rockies:

  • Pay a hair stylist, babysitter or daycare provider
  • Lend money to a friend
  • Split the check at a restaurant
  • Send money to kids attending college
  • Pay a friend back for lunch
  • Send a cash gift for a birthday present

Person-to-Person Payments are serviced through our free Online Banking for security and convenience. Once a payee has been set up you may send payments to them anytime using the Western Rockies mobile banking app or online banking.

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